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One of the most important aspects of the producing high quality raisin "color Sorting". ZARRIN TAK ARYA, is equipped with Laser sorters, x-ray, and metal detectors. Furthermore, the plant deploys complete automated packaging line, which allows it to be self-sufficient and offer high quality product better than any of its competitors. Furthermore the Plant is equipped with an advanced laboratory which test for physical, as well as chemical composition and Microbial presence. Out product has optimal sweetness and longevity. Packaging is a basic need before bringing it to the market. Processors, in order to identify themselves and their products, needs appropriate packaging. ZTA plant can in addition to its name, characteristics, specification, correct consumption and storage, protection of goods, can help during the processing of raisins, many steps are involved such as exportation, warehousing, Storage, transportation, management, trained work force, meeting customer specification. Production hygiene, marketing are as important These steps are effective only if packaging is appropriate. Due to management's proper planning and strife, ZTA has been able to fulfill beyond its expected capacity from the first year of production onwards. Most of the exports of this company is different raisins, such as sultana, green raisins, and dark raisins. These raisins are exported to different counties after being processed.

s soil and water, give its raisins the desired taste that is well liked, and is one of the best in the world. One of the regions that is well known for its good quality raisins is the Takistan in Iran. In Takistan, there is an abundance of vineyards, that are grown with traditional methods. Natural and organic methods are used to grow the most desirable Grapes which are then turned into Raisin. These raisins are world famous and are called sun-dry, sultana, and golden.

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