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Raisin is a dried grape with charming traits, even comparing with its original fruit.
It contains almost three times higher antioxidants level as its original grape and it is highly rich with B vitamins, iron and potassium.
Most raisins are dried naturally by the sun right in the Vineyards, the process of drying taking two to four weeks, then they are graded, cleaned, and packed.
It comes in different colors and is differentiated according to the drying procedure. The major kinds are: Sultana raisins, golden raisins, sun-dry raisins & long greenraisins.
There are 4 main collecting centers for sultana raisins in Iran: Malayer, Gouchan, Takestan and Azarbayjan.
Malayer Sultana raisin is famous in the world for its unique golden color, pleasant sugar and moisture content.
Our plant is located in Malayer collecting center, which enable us to deliver the best qualities of Malayer raisins.
We have also a huge capability for producing all other types of raisins based on our customers' requirements.
Sultana Raisins
This kind is the most popular and well-known type of raisin and primary product for export.
In order to minimize the drying time and retain a lighter color, farmers dip the grapes - just before drying - into a solution of water, potassium carbonate and vegetable oil.
Our sultana raisins are classified into 4 types as per sorts and sizes; small, medium , standard and jumbo.
Golden Raisins
This kind is oven-dried and in order to make the color more lighter, and increase its defense power against vermin, it is treated with sulfur (as a preservative).
Sun dry Raisins
This kind is prepared by drying the fruit in full sun which results in a dark color and different in taste. The reason they are darker, is because they are not treated with potassium carbonate & vegetable oil, thus the drying time is about 3 weeks.
Since it is drying in full sun without adding any preservative, this type of raisins
Long Green Raisins
This kind is received from special variety of grapes which are naturally green and due to drying in shadow, keeps its beautiful natural color.

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